Your Responsibilities as a Campus Ambassador



Represent MyEcurrency brand on campus


Provide insights and strategies that will help MyEcurrency better understand the students community


Learn about MyEcurrency’s products and services, promote and publicise them on their campuses


Build relationships on campus with the school management and or all potential customers of the brand


Get students to start trading giftcards and their cryptocurrencies with MyEcurrency


Plan and host fun events to publicise the brand’s presence on campus


Identify trends, events and opportunities that MyEcurrency can leverage on within the campus community


Implement and take charge of MyEcurrency’s initiatives and projects within the campus


Referral of potential customers and promotion of the brand’s good image on campus.


Social media influencing and online representation of the brand


Campus Ambassador Benefits

Monthly Stipend

You will be given Monthly Stipend based on performance


Get bonus on every referral that trades on our mobile app

Gift Pack

You get gift packs with MyEcurrency’s branded collateral and merchandise

Networking and Collaboration

Networking and collaboration with other ambassadors from other campuses nationwide


Development of intellectual, leadership and managerial and creative skills


Free access to MyEcurrency’s sponsored events


Inclusion of MyEcurrency campus ambassador experience in your resume


Get recommendation letter highlighting your strengths to prospective employees or further education

Awards and Certifications

You will be given Awards and Certifications based on your performances.

Requirement to be an Ambassador

Be a student of any tertiary institution in Nigeria
Be a people person
Be innovative and creative
Be a team player and eager to learn
Strong online and social media presence

Frequently asked questions

Where do I apply to be a Campus Ambassador?

Click on this link to apply for free

What will I do as a Campus Ambassador?

A campus ambassador helps establish brand visibility and awareness while acquiring more students to choose the brand for their crypto exchange needs. Campus ambassadors will also suggest and implement innovative ways to extend MyEcurrency’s reach across Nigeria one university campus at a time.

Is the scheme for a specific courses of study?

No. All students are eligible irrespective of your course or CGPA. Do well to highlight your strengths, ability to learn, adapt and be proactive in your application.

How long will the scheme last for?

You will be in the role for 6 months however, this is subject to renewal based on performance

Is it a physical role?

No, you will be based in your campus however you will be required to show up to on site brand activations and events should they occur on your campus

When will the campus ambassador scheme start?

Details will be communicated to selected ambassadors

If I fail, can I apply again?

Yes, you can re-apply again, when a new application is open

What do I stand to gain as an MyEcurrency’s campus ambassodor?

  • * Monthly Stipend
  • * Special bonuses on every referral
  • * Myecurrency branded merchandise and gifts
  • * Free access to MyEcurrency’s events and seminars
  • * Recommendation Letter to prospective employers or further education
  • * Certificates and Awards

How do I contact the campus ambassador team?

Kindly send a mail to